This Picasso Painting Sold for $45 Million. Would you buy it?

Femme assise, robe bleu,” a painting by Pablo Picasso, sold for $45 million at a Christie’s auction in New York on May 15, 2017. The painting depicts Dora Maar, one of Picasso’s lovers. It was created on Picasso’s birthday on October 25, 1939.

In 1940, during the German occupation of France, the Nazis confiscated “Femme Assise, Robe Bleu” from Jewish art dealer Paul Rosenberg. According to Christie’s, it was transferred to the German embassy in Paris, then a store house for plundered art, before it was packed up to be transferred to Germany, via Nikolsburg, Moravia (part of the modern Czech Republic) in 1944. However, French resistance soldiers intercepted the painting — along with 63 other Picasso artworks — on a train to Moravia.
A number of Picasso’s works have sold for substantially more. In 2015, his “Les femmes d’Alger (Version ‘O’)” sold for $179 million, setting a new record for an artwork sold at auction, and in 2004, “Garçon à la pipe” (1905) sold for $104 million.
Femme assise, robe bleu” was last for sale in 2011, when it sold for $26 million, so that’s a $19 million profit.

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  1. nooo first no offense but its is ugly not that worth it second it is soooo expensive

    • I agree with you. People pay millions of dollars for a painting so that they can brag about it, but do not donate a hundred to help fight cancer or child poverty!

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