We’ve been working really hard to improve the overall building climate at Stout for both students and staff by focusing on building empathy, reducing social isolation, and eliminating bullying. The lessons and activities in our weekly Advisory meeting have helped to create awareness among students and staff and have helped to begin a dialogue about the role we all play in making positive changes a reality.

On Friday, October 20, 2017, Stout will participate with 2,000 schools nationwide in “Know Your Classmates” day. We are honored that Beyond Differences, the organization behind “Know Your Classmates” day, and several other guests will be visiting Stout to see our students in action.  Beyond Differences will share the important work we have been doing here at Stout via news conference on Friday.

We are proud of the work that Stout is accomplishing and glad we have such a great opportunity to share our success. Watch for us as we make such positive news and visit: