GeoBee is back: January 25, 2018

Get ready on Thursday, January 25, 2018 to bring to the Team Meeting Room all the countries, cities, mountains, rivers, volcanoes, planets, and all other things that you know about the world we live. Work your way to be the School Champ. Compete to be the State of Michigan Champ, and later, the National Champ.

Here are some of the prizes at stake:

1st Prize:

$50,000 College Scholarship

$500 in Cash

Free Life time subscription in National Geographic Society

2nd Prize:

$25,000 College Scholarship

$500 in Cash

3rd Prize:

$10,000 College Scholarship

$500 in Cash

Runner ups: $500 in Cash for 7 runner-ups.


For more information, please download GeoBee-Bilingual-2017-2018.

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