Annual Collection for Lymphoma @ Leukemia Society: March 9 – 26

Stout Middle School will be a part ot the Annual Collection for Lymphoma @ Leukemia Society, a campaign that starts on March 09, 2018 and lasts until March 26, 2018.

Teachers will show a video on either Thursday, 03/08, Friday, 03/09, or Monday, 03/12 during first hour class, so the students can see why this fundraiser is held each year.

Each 1st hour, the teacher will receive a collection box with their name on it and ask their students to donate some money.

Teachers will post a certificate with student name on it for each and every student who donates $1:00 or more. These certificates will be posted on the classroom door.

Top 1st hour class will win an Olive Garden Pasta lunch, while 2nd place will win a pizza lunch.

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