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Tuesday, April 10, 2018 Stout Daily Bulletin

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Students’ Corner

Some wise words quoted by Hala Mallah:
“Making a big life change is pretty scary, but do you know what is scarier? REGRET!”

Winners for the 2018 Reflections Program

Congratulations to our Stout District finalists, winners for the 2017-2018 PTA Reflections Program. Both Maya and Olivia also qualified for state competition. We are still waiting to hear if they placed in the state competition.

The award ceremony will be held at 6pm, Thursday, May 10th at Stout Middle School. All students who participated in the Reflections program will receive an invitation to attend.


Stout Middle Years – April 2018

The April, 2018 issue of the Stout Middle School Years contains many interesting articles. The articles are not too long to read and shed some light on – as the title suggests – middle years. It is here to download. Just click on Middle School Years – April 2018

A Closer Look at Mars

If you look up at the sky on a clear night, you may see a red dot among the stars. This dot is Mars, named in ancient times after the Roman god of war. Although no one has ever visited this red planet, we know a lot about it.

Mars is more like Earth than any other planet in our solar system. Mars has a 24-hour day, a rocky crust, canyons, volcanoes, polar ice caps, and seasons. But Earth and the “4th rock from the Sun” are hardly twins.

Mars is half as big as Earth and has less gravity. It has very little atmosphere. The surface of Mars has no lakes or oceans, plants or animals. No place on Earth gets as cold as Mars. The lack of life on the surface of Mars isn’t surprising, considering the bone-dry environment.

Your March 29, 2018 e3 issue

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  • Martian Marathon Saturday, April 14
  • Youth Arts Festival, Free at the Performing Arts Center, Wednesday, April 25
  • Teacher of the Year Awards Thursday, April 26
  • Howard School Dragon Dash Color Run Saturday, April 28
  • 25+ Club Dinner Friday, May 18
  • Education Foundation Green Tie Dinner Tuesday, May 22
  • Dearborn Schools partners in Big Read Dearborn city-wide reading celebration happening this month
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