Student Access Resolved

Good news. The issue with student access has been resolved. Students can once again sign in and continue learning.

21 responses to “Student Access Resolved

  1. Clever wi l not let me do my Khan academy for 6th grade so what should I do

  2. Clever will not let me enter my Khan academy for 6th grade so what should I do

  3. Toni Reid for Karli Miller

    We still can’t log in. Please help!!

  4. Jessica Frazier

    My daughter has finished her summer reading requirements but she went to log into her account it is saying that het password has been changed and contact administration

  5. I still can’t log in. I need some help.

  6. We are having the same problem at our home. We were logging in fine until a few days ago. No answer from school when calling.

  7. Hello, My daughter is unable to log onto Khan Academy, her password has been changed. I have tried calling the school multiple times and nobody answers. I am not sure how kids are expected to complete their work when they can’t access it and they don’t know how to get in contact with anyone.

  8. Student passphrases will be available on student schedules. Students will not be held accountable for accessing summer work during that time. Thank you.

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