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Chrome Book Distribution Scheduled for April 27th

Dear Parents,

We will be distributing Chromebooks again on April 27th, 2020 from 1pm to 3pm at Stout Middle School. This will be a drive-through set up at the front of the building in the circular driveway. Parents/students do not have to exit their vehicle. Chromebooks will be distributed in disinfected plastic bags and parents will be asked to complete a form.

ALL Stout students are eligible to pick up a Chromebook. This means that even if you have multiple students at Stout, you may still pick up an additional Chromebook if you need one.

All students received an email asking them to “reserve” a Chrome book by completing this form: Chrome Book Reservation Form

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email Mr. Oke or Ms. Faraj.

Thank you!

Chrome Book Distribution Notice (Arabic)

Changes to Online Learning

Dear Parents,

We will be limiting the use of Google Meets for online learning beginning tomorrow. A few teachers may still continue utilizing them and others may be offering sign-ups for smaller group sessions. Students will be able to sign up via email with their classroom teacher. This will allow teachers to have more control over who enters/exits these sessions and ensures that the sessions are conducive to learning. Other teachers will be recording new instruction using Google Meet or other software. Please have your child check their teachers’ blogs, Google Classrooms, and iLearn sites for information on online learning as we transition to a new platform. As you know, teachers are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Have a great evening!

اضغط هنا للترجمة العربية

Remote Learning Plan for Stout Middle School

Dear Stout Families,

Please click on the link below for a letter from Mr. Oke & Ms. Faraj explaining Stout’s remote learning plan for the remainder of the school year. Starting this week, Students will follow a schedule for their online learning, and the work they complete will be graded. The letter includes links to each grade’s schedule and videos of Ms. Faraj and Mr. Oke explaining portions of the learning plan.

Remote Learning Overview

Remote Learning Overview (Arabic)

VIDEO: How are teachers quarantining?

Dear Students,

We hope you enjoyed the first video from your teachers, we had a lot of fun making it and we look forward to sharing more videos each week!

Here is a longer video for you to watch. Your teachers really wanted to take a little time to share their experiences and connect with you. We hope you enjoy it and are being safe and staying home.

Video from Teachers

3rd Marking Period Grades

Grades for the 3rd marking period are available to view in Parent Connect and Student Connect. Instructions for accessing Parent Connect are included with this post. Grades for the marking period were calculated using work that was assigned prior to the governor closing school buildings on 3/13. We will not be mailing paper copies of the 3rd marking period home, because we are unable to access the school building due to the governor’s “stay at home” order. Please contact individual teachers for any questions about grading. We hope you and your family continue to be healthy and safe.

How to Access Parent Connect (English & Arabic)

فترة نتائج العلامات الثالثة

ستكون درجات فترة العلامات الثالثة متاحة للعرض في Parent Connect و Student Connect . يتم تضمين تعليمات الوصول إلى Parent Connect في هذه المشاركة. تم احتساب الدرجات لفترة الموسم باستخدام العمل الذي تم تعيينه قبل إغلاق المحافظ للمباني المدرسية في 3/13. لن نرسل أي نسخًة ورقية عبر البريد المنزل لنتائج فترة التعليم الثالثة ، لأننا غير قادرين على الوصول إلى مبنى المدرسة بسبب أمر “البقاء في المنزل” من قبل الحاكم. يرجى الاتصال في المعلم مباشرة إذا كان لديكم أي أسئلة حول الدرجات. نأمل أن تستمر أنت وعائلتك في الحفاظ على صحتك وأمانك.

Playground & Athletic Fields are Closed

The weekend is here and although the weather forecast is calling for rain, we all like to get outside and get some fresh air. This is especially true during this time of year when the temperatures are on the rise and we all have been spending a lot of time inside. 

Many are thinking that it might be alright to get outside and have children play with one or two friends. Unfortunately, this is not something we should be doing at this time. The battle to stop the spread of the COVID 19 virus is on-going and gathering in small groups, even outside at the local park is not something we should be doing. 

During the State of Michigan mandated shut down, all Dearborn Public School facilities, including playgrounds, and athletic fields, will be closed to the public. Please do not attempt to go onto the fields or access the playgrounds.  If you are found on the property you will be asked to leave.  

The Governor has ordered that we all shelter in place.  This is not a recommendation or suggestion. This action is being taken to help in the effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to mitigate the number of people becoming sick. Hospitals in southeastern Michigan are being overwhelmed and are reaching the point where they are unable to meet the needs of those arriving for care. We must all do our part to help slow the spread of this virus and remain at home!  

The Governor did say that it is ok to go for a walk, run, or bike ride. However, we can not gather in groups at local parks or playgrounds.

We look forward to the day, hopefully in the not too distant future, when our facilities will once again be open to the public and we can all return to our regular routines. The District appreciates all of the support that the Dearborn community has shown and the tremendous amount of community spirit that has been demonstrated during this very difficult time.  Together we will get through this, one community, #DearbornStrong!

Playgrounds are Closed Statement (Arabic)

Food Distribution Schedule Change

On Monday, March 30, Dearborn Public Schools is changing the format of its free student meal distributions.

Meals will now be distributed three times a week, instead of five.  

Meals will generally be distributed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. However, the week of April 6 to 10, meals will be handed out on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday, April 10, is Good Friday and a holiday for District staff.

Fewer meal distributions should make it easier for families to get the food while reducing the risk of virus exposure for both our families and our staff. Each food bag will still contain both breakfast, lunch and milk for a child under 18, but now the bag will have food for each day until the next distribution.

The grab-and-go meals will continue to be handed out between 10 a.m. and noon at the same seven schools.  The Dearborn Schools student does not have to attend that school to be eligible for a meal. A designated person can pick up meals for multiple children.  The student does not need to be present.

The distribution sites are Fordson, Dearborn and Edsel Ford high schools; McCollough/Unis; Salina Intermediate; Smith Middle School; and Woodworth Middle School.

The program is allowing the District’s 20,700 students to continue to have access to healthy food. The meals are funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s School Lunch Program. Dearborn Public Schools already used the federal program to offer all kindergarten to 12th grade students free lunch and breakfast on school days.

Meal distributions will continue through the state-ordered school closure.  Currently, schools are set to reopen on April 14.

Check for the latest information on the school closure and the food program.

في يوم الاثنين 30 مارس ، ستقوم مدارس ديربورن العامة بتغيير خطة توزيع وجبات الطلاب المجانية.

سيتم توزيع الوجبات من الآن فصاعداً ثلاث مرات في الأسبوع ، بدلاً من خمس.

سيتم توزيع الوجبات بشكل عام أيام الاثنين والأربعاء والجمعة. ولكن ، في الأسبوع من 6 إلى 10 أبريل ، سيتم تسليم الوجبات أيام الاثنين والأربعاء والخميس.  لأن الجمعة ، 10 أبريل ، يوم الجمعة المقدسة وهي عطلة لموظفي المدارس.

من خلال توزيعات وجبات أقل نتوقع أن تسهل على العائلات الحصول على الطعام مع تقليل خطر التعرض للفيروس لكل من عائلاتنا وموظفينا. ستظل كل حقيبة طعام تحتوي على كل من الإفطار والغداء والحليب لطفل أقل من 18 عامًا ، ولكن الآن ستحتوي الحقيبة على الطعام لكل يوم حتى التوزيع التالي.

سيستمر تسليم وجبات الطعام السريعة بين الساعة العاشرة صباحًا والى الظهيرة في نفس المدارس السبع. لا يتعين على طلاب مدارس ديربورن أن يكونوا مسجلين تلك المدرسة ليكون مؤهلاً للحصول على وجبة. يمكن للشخص المعين أن يلتقط وجبات لعدة أطفال. لا يحتاج الطالب أن يكون حاضرا.

مواقع التوزيع هي مدارس Fordson و Dearborn و Edsel Ford ؛ مكولو / اليونيسUnis   ؛ سالينا متوسطSalina, مدرسة سميث المتوسطةO.L. Smith ؛ ومدرسة وودورث المتوسطةWoodworth.

يسمح البرنامج لـ 20700 طالبًا في المقاطعة بالاستمرار في الحصول على طعام صحي. يتم تمويل الوجبات من خلال برنامج الغداء المدرسي التابع لوزارة الزراعة الأمريكية. استخدمت مدارس ديربورن العامة بالفعل البرنامج الفيدرالي لتقديم جميع رياض الأطفال لطلاب الصف الثاني عشر غداء ووجبة إفطار مجانية في أيام المدرسة.

سيستمر توزيع الوجبات من خلال إغلاق المدرسة بأمر من الدولة. حاليا ، من المقرر إعادة فتح المدارس في 14 أبريل.

تحقق من للحصول على أحدث المعلومات حول إغلاق المدرسة وبرنامج الغذاء.

Adjusting to Learning at Home


As we try to collectively figure out our “new normal” during this uncertain time, it’s important to remember that our children thrive on structure and routine. Dr. Chochol, the Executive Director for our feeder group of schools, shared this valuable resource as a guide to support parents at home in adjusting to our current situation. Please be safe and we pray that your families are all healthy! As always, let us know if we can support you in any way. 

Guide to Online Learning at Home (English)

Guide to Online Learning at Home (Arabic)

التكيف مع التعلم في المنزل 

أهالي الأمور ، بينما نحاول أن نكتشف بشكل جماعي “الوضع الطبيعي الجديد” في هذا الوقت الغامض ، من المهم أن نتذكر أن أزدهار  أطفالنا يتوقف على الهيكل والروتين. شارك المدير التنفيذي لتنمية الطلبة لدينا ، الدكتور شوكول ، هذا المورد القيم كدليل لدعم الآباء في المنزل في التكيف مع وضعنا الحالي. من فضلك، كن آمنا وندعو أن تكون أنت وعائلتك بصحة جيدة! كما هو الحال دائمًا ، أخبرنا إذا كان بإمكاننا دعمك بأي طريقة.

A Message from the Principal Regarding Student Work during the School Closure

Yesterday, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), released a statement indicating that the work done online during the mandatory school closure and the days spent doing that work would not count towards the number of school days that are currently required by law. After hearing from many upset educators and parents, the MDE released another statement stating that the state legislature needed to change the law or grant an exemption to the law in order for the days spent working online to count. Later in the evening, Governor Whitmer issued  a statement expressing her opinion that students should be able to work online and that she would work to make sure that the time students spent working at home counted.

So what does this all mean for our students here at Stout?

It means that the MDE and our elected officials still have some stuff to figure out regarding how schools are going to operate during this mandated school closure. As we give the people in Lansing some time to figure this out, our teachers will still be posting educational activities on their websites and in many cases, using Google Classroom and iLearn to provide learning opportunities. For the time being, we are calling these “enrichment activities”, but make no mistake, we want students to complete these activities. Until our officials in Lansing figure this out, we will not be grading the work students do, but we will be keeping track of what gets completed.

Here’s my position on the activities that teachers have been providing. We want students to do them and parents to encourage their students to complete them. Learning is important and it can not stop just because our physical buildings are closed. While getting a good grade might be motivating or a nice reward for doing the work, the real value in learning is that it betters us. We should always want to be better.

Stay safe & healthy,

Mr. Oke

رسالة من مدير المدرسة بخصوص الواجبات المدرسية أثناء إغلاق المدرسة

بالأمس ، أصدرت وزارة التعليم بولاية ميشيغان بيانًا يشير إلى أن العمل المدرسي الذي تم إجراؤه عبر الإنترنت أثناء الإغلاق الإلزامي للمدرسة والأيام التي تم قضاؤها في هذا العمل لن تحتسب ضمن عدد الأيام الدراسية التي يتطلبها القانون حاليًا. بعد الاستماع إلى العديد من المعلمين والآباء الغير مؤيدين ، أصدرت MDE (وزارة التعليم) بيانًا آخر ينص على أن الهيئة التشريعية للولاية بحاجة إلى تغيير القانون أو منح استثناء للقانون من أجل أحتساب الأيام في العمل عبر الإنترنت. في وقت لاحق من المساء ، أصدرت المحافظ ويتمان بيانًا أعربت فيه عن رأي مفاده أن الطلاب يجب أن يكونوا قادرين على العمل عبر الإنترنت وأنها ستعمل للتأكد من أن الوقت الذي يقضيه الطلاب في العمل في المنزل يحتسب.

فماذا يعني كل هذا لطلابنا هنا في Stout؟

وهذا يعني أن وزارة التعليم والعلوم والمسؤولين المنتخبين لدينا لا يزال لديهم بعض الأشياء التي يجب معرفتها فيما يتعلق بكيفية عمل المدارس خلال هذا الإغلاق المفوض للمدرسة. بينما نمنح الأشخاص في Lansing بعض الوقت لاكتشاف ذلك ، سيظل مدرسونا ينشرون الأنشطة التعليمية على مواقعهم على الويب وفي كثير من الحالات ، باستخدام Google Classroom و iLearn لتوفير فرص التعلم. في الوقت الحالي ، نطلق على هذه “أنشطة الإثراء” ، ولكن حتى لا نخطئ ، نريد من الطلاب إكمال هذه الأنشطة. حتى يقوم مسؤولونا في Lansing بتحديد ذلك ، لن نقوم بتصنيف العمل الذي يقوم به الطلاب ، ولكننا سوف نتابع ما يتم إنجازه.

هذا هو موقفي من الأنشطة التي يقدمها المعلمون. نريد من الطلاب القيام بها وأولياء الأمور بتشجيع الطلاب على إكمالها. التعليم مهم ولا يمكن أن يتوقف فقط لأن أبواب المدرسة مغلقة. في حين أن الحصول على درجة جيدة قد يكون محفزًا أو مكافأة لطيفة للقيام بالعمل ، فإن القيمة الحقيقية في التعليم هي أنه يحسننا. يجب علينا دائما أن نكون أفضل.

حافظ على سلامتك وصحتك ،

المدير أوككي

Chromebook Distribution for Stout Students

Stout Families, 

We will have Chromebooks available for loan for those students who need access to technology to complete their classwork. Stout will be offering “drive-through” times on Thursday, March 19th, 2020 from 2pm to 6pm and on Friday, March 20th from 9am to 11am to pick up a Chromebook. 

The “drive-through” is to practice social distancing recommendations set forth by the CDC. Parents/students will not need to leave their vehicles. You will enter through the front circular driveway at the front of the building and pull all the way to the end of the driveway near the double-doors next to the Choir Room. A staff member will assist parents in completing a release and liability form and provide you with the necessary equipment. Chromebooks will be given directly to parents.

We hope you and your families are staying safe and healthy and are practicing social distancing during this time! 

الأربعاء 18 مارس 2020

أهالي مدرسة ستاوت الكرام

سيكون لدينا أجهزة حواسيب محمولة Chromebook متاحة للإعارة للطلاب الذين يحتاجون إلى الوصول إلى التكنولوجيا لإكمال واجباتهم الدراسية. حيث ستقدم Stout أوقات “أستلام الحواسيب من دون الحاجة للنزول من السيارة” يوم الخميس 19 مارس 2020 من الساعة 2 مساءً إلى 6 مساءً ويوم الجمعة 20 مارس من 9 صباحًا إلى 11 صباحًا لاستلام جهاز Chromebook.

“أستلام الحواسيب من دون الحاجة للنزول من السيارة” هو ممارسة أوصى بها مركز السيطرة على الأمراض CDC والتي تتضمن المسافات  الاجتماعية التي وضعتها مراكز السيطرة على الأمراض. لن يحتاج الآباء / الطلاب إلى مغادرة سياراتهم. ستدخل من خلال الممر الدائري الأمامي في الجزء الأمامي من المبنى حتى نهاية الممر بالقرب من الأبواب المزدوجة بجوار غرفة الجوقة الموسيقية. سوف يساعدك أحد الموظفين في إكمال نموذج الاستلام والمسؤولية وتزويدك بالمعدات اللازمة.

نأمل أن تظل أنت وعائلتك في أمان وصحة وتمارسون التباعد الاجتماعي خلال هذه الفترة!

Dearborn Schools offering free breakfast and lunch pickup for students at six sites

Dearborn Public Schools is offering free pickup lunch and breakfast for students while school is closed for the mandatory shut down over the next three weeks.

Families will be able to stop in and pick up a bag with both breakfast and lunch for each child in the family.  Pickups will run daily from 10 a.m. to noon starting tomorrow, March 17 at Fordson, Edsel Ford and Dearborn High schools, McCollough-UnisSalina Intermediate, and Woodworth Middle School.

Signage at each site will direct parents and students where to enter the building. Food will be near entrances to minimize the amount of time community members spend in the facilities.

Please note, meals are available to anyone age 18 and younger.  Students do not need to be present, and the Dearborn School student does not need to attend at that building.  A designated person can collect meals for multiple children.  Meals for Saturday and Sunday can be picked up on Friday.

The program will allow the District’s 20,700 students to continue to have access to healthy food.  Gov. Gretchen Whitmer last week ordered all Michigan schools closed from March 16 through April 3 to slow the spread of novel coronavirus and cases of COVID-19.  Dearborn Schools is scheduled for spring break April 6 to 10, so school will not resume in the District until April 13.

The grab-and-go meals will be served at least through April 3.

Superintendent Glenn Maleyko praised the District’s food service team for quickly implementing this drastic change in service to meet the needs of families.

“We appreciate the patience of our families and community as we all try to adjust to this sudden change from closing schools,” Dr. Maleyko said.  “More than three quarters of our students qualify for free or reduced priced school meals.  We realize this food is important to our families, many of whom may be facing additional financial hardships from the sudden economic changes related to COVID-19.”

Check the Dearborn Public Schools website at for any updates or changes to the meal program or for other issues regarding the school closure.


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