Join the “Read-an-Article-a-Day” Initiative

readanarticleIn an interesting article posted on January 21, 2016, Elfrieda H. Hiebert, a reading educator, recommends that schools get on-board with the “Read-an-Article-a-Day” initiative led by the He explains why reading is necessary, when to read, how to read, and where to find reading material. He suggests some sites that offer useful articles such as: which “offers around 2,000 articles (with new articles added frequently) that range from Grades K through 12.” which “is a relatively new site. As of mid-January 2016, there are 16 themes, each with a set of 3-4 articles for 4 grade levels (5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12).”

TextProject which “has three types of articles aimed at students in grades 2 through middle school:”

FYI for Kids which has “approximately 90 informational articles;’

Talking Points for Kids which offers “sets of articles on 10 topics (e.g., Heavy Backpacks);:

SummerReads  which offers “sets of several articles on 21 topics (e.g., Bikes and Boards).”

BeginningReads which is “a program aimed at K-2 students with 12 short articles at each of 10 levels.”

Please click on the link to read the full article:

5th Annual Robert Cipriano Cross-Country Race: Oct. 15

cipriano-run-poster-5th-anualWhat:                     5th Annual Robert Cipriano Cross-Country Race

When:                    Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016.

Time:                      9:00 a.m. for the Boys’ Middle School Race

                                9:25 a.m. for the Girls’ Middle School Race

Where:                   Ford Field Park, Dearborn

Entrance Fee:      $2.00

Please see Mr. Tapp, Mrs. Foreman, Ms. Layson, or Mr. Vietinghoff if you would like to participate. You can download the sign-in letter from either robertcipriano5thccmeetparentletterrevised-docx or from Mr. Vietinghoff blog:

Falcon Winners Get Headphone Passes for a Week

headphones-lunchOur Falcon Fund winners for the week (Sept. 26 – Sept. 30) are:

6th grade                Mini Assi

7th Grade               Mohamad Hammoud

8th Grade               Omar Muhsen

Please let these students know what a great job they’ve done if you see them. They have won headphone passes during lunch for the week Sept. 26 – Sept. 30. Please see Mr. Lambdin in H2 Monday morning to pick up your passes.

Middle School Students Need a Parent/Guardian at DHS Home Football Games

football players

A reminder to all Middle School students: in order to be admitted to Dearborn High School home Varsity football games, you are required to have a parent/guardian with you.  Please plan accordingly if you are going to be attending the Dearborn High School home-coming game on Friday, October 7th, 2016.

Jeff Conway, CAA
Athletic Director
Dearborn High School
19501 Outer Drive
Dearborn, MI  48124

Picture Day at Stout: Oct. 4, 2016

lifetouch-flyerWhat:          Picture Day at Stout

Date:           Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

When:         During Social Studies Class

Where:        Stout Auditorium

Dress nicely and appropriately for the occasion. Look your best. That picture will never go away. Your parents will show it to their friends and other family members. You will later show it to your kids and say, “here is your dad or mom when they were kids!” You might even show it to your grand kids!

You might want to order the Yearbook as the deadline is Oct. 17, 20016. Here are some information that you might need. Just click, download, or print.



yearbook-order-form yearbook-customize



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