Math League

MathTutoringMath League’s 6th, 7th, and 8th grade contests encourage a variety of problem-solving skills and methods, to improve students’ abilities and understanding of mathematics, while having fun!

Students in each league compete for the highest scores, while schools compete for the highest team score (top 5 scores in each school.) Questions may cover: basic topics, plus exponents, fractions, reciprocals, decimals, rates, ratios, percents, angle measurement, perimeter, area, circumference, basic roots, patterns, sequences, integers, triangles and right triangles, and other topics, depending on the grade level.


Contest Format

  • Each contest consists of 35 multiple-choice questions;
  • We permit calculators on all of our contests;
  • You can do it in 30 minutes;
  • 1st page questions are generally straightforward;
  • 2nd page questions are moderate in difficulty;
  • 3rd page questions are more difficult;
  • Score Reports for each grade are sent to schools after the contest;
  • The highest scoring student on each grade receives a Certificate of Merit;
  • The highest scoring school on each contest (for grades 6, 7, 8) receives a plaque;
  • Detailed solutions accompany every contest;
  • High scoring students will be invited to attend our Summer Mathematics Tournament held in July;


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