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Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Stout Daily Bulletin


Here is your Stout Daily Bulletin. Click Bulletin 03-21-2017 to download.

Yogurtopia Fundraiser: March 25

We are doing several fundraisers right now (in conjunction with some of Mrs. Reeds students) to build a sensory room for our students. One of the fundraisers that Mrs. Reeds students have asked me to help them to do is at Yogurtopia.

We will be doing a fundraiser at Yogurtopia on Saturday, March 25th. Please go and support our program. Make sure to tell the cashier you are there for our fundraiser. We appreciate your support. For more information, click Yogurtopia MOCI Fundraiser to download the flyer. Thanks – Ms. Poloni.

Falcon Fund Winners: March 13-March 17

The Falcon Fund winners for the week March 13 – March 17 can pick up their wear-a- hatLunch-with-headphones, or Front-of-the-Line passes as follows:

From Mr. Lambdin, Room H-2

  • Zeyan Mohammad Grade 8
  • Omar Fteih Grade 8
  • Amer Jebori Grade 8

From Mr. bloye , Room F-2

  • Chastity Cannizarro Grade 7
  • Shaima Algozi Grade 7
  • Amen Salha Grade 7

From Mr. Hool, Room C-3

  • Musid Musleh Grade 6
  • Kaitlin Belle Grade 6
  • Haneen Thabt Grade 6

Team ACE Wins the Battle of the Books at Stout

Huge congratulations to the victorious ACE team!  Kudos goes to Emily Attard, Abby Attard, Camden Akers, and Ariel Corley. If you happen to see them, make sure you congratulate them. They worked super hard and slayed the competition.

Nice Job Jim Walters on being such a great sponsor! Thank you to everyone who took part in this civilized battle or supported – one way or another – this program.  I’m hoping to make “BOB” a permanent fixture at Stout. Thanks again – Cassie Acker








Mrs. Sabra Class Completes 100,000 IXL Questions

Mrs. Sabra and her class received the following email from IXL:

“We would like to wish you and your class a big congratulation for completing 100,000 questions on IXL!

We would also love to highlight your class’s achievement on our website and social media. If you would like to be featured by IXL, please share a picture of your IXL Rock stars with us! Simply e-mail us a picture of your students holding the certificate, or post it directly on our Facebook page.

Congrats again, and encourage your IXL Rock stars to rock on!”