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Friday, June 02, 2017 Stout Daily Bulletin

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Error Corrected: Undefeated Stout Girls Track Team is City Champion

The Final corrected scored:

Stout:                170.75
Bryant:               161.50
Smith:                101
Lowrey:              40
Unis:                  24.5
Woodworth:   24
Salina:               12.25

Remember how we announced that Stout Girls Track Team finished 2nd in the City meet? Well, THAT WAS WRONG! The District Athletic Coordinator, Scott Hummel, sent Mr. Serazio an email informing him that there was an error in calculating the score and that the ACTUAL CHAMPIONS WERE OUR GIRLS and NOT – REPEAT NOT – Bryant! So congratulations to our UNDEFEATED GIRLS CHAMPIONS! Please join the Undefeated Boys Champions!