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Students’ Corner is Back

So, the Students’ Corner is back. All you have to do is send Mr. Sabra a quote, a proverb, or a wise saying. Make sure to add the name of the person who said or wrote the quote, if it is not yours. The quote could be a humorous one, but it has to be appropriate and respectful. The approved quotes will be published in the Daily Bulletin and at the School’s Blog. The student’s picture will be posted, unless the student or his/her parents do not want it posted. Every week, one winner will receive a delicious za’atar, cheese, spinach, or meat pie.

Stout Welcomes back its students

Stout Middle School welcomes back all of its students. Let us all have a great year of achievements. Have fun, but listen to adults and follow the rules. Do not wait until the last month of the year to improve your marks and grades. Start now! You will save yourself, your parents, and your teachers a lot of headache. Remember, the teachers do care about you, and that’s why they will always lead you to the right path, even if you don’t realize it.


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