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Monday, Sept. 18, 2017 Stout Daily bulletin

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PBIS Falcon Fund Winners

Here are three pictures of our school’s first week winners of the PBIS Falcon Funds awards. Congratulations on your new pens. Too bad, Mr. Baydoun only won an almost empty bottle of water.

Big thanks for Mr. Bloye who donated these pens!








Recycling is Back on Fridays

Good news for the environment. Stout Middle School now has recycling back!  A dumpster is now located in the teachers parking lot.

Over the next week or so, Stout’s MoCI class will be working on getting all the classrooms, offices, and teacher’s lounge recycling boxes. Our MoCI students will come and pick up the boxes every Friday during 5th and 6th period and take the recycling out, with adult supervision of course. Teachers must put their recycling boxes outside class doors in the hallway, at the beginning of 5th hour on Fridays so that our MoCI don’t disturb the class period.  The recycling company only allows paper and cardboard of all colors.  No plastic or aluminum can be recycled.  Stout is really excited to start recycling and thanks everyone for their help and support! Special thanks go to Mrs. Bittar, Mrs. Alasry, Mr. Lambdin,  Mrs. Lisa Klemetson who volunteered to be our Green Building Coordinator, and of course our MoCI students.