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New Dearborn Public Library Policy

Stout Middle School and all Dearborn Middle and High Schools must comply with the new Dearborn Public Library policy that was recently approved by the Dearborn Public Library Commission. The new policy will take effect in December, 2017.

  1. All students must produce a student ID upon request.
  2. All students who fail to show their Student ID will be asked to leave the library until they bring their I.D. with them.
  3. Library staff will do random checks to make sure that no unauthorized persons are in the library.
  4. In addition, during the finals study time, students must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

This new policy will enhance, both, the safety and accountability for behavior of the students.

More information will be forthcoming later this year.

Thank you for your assistance.

Games Club Beginning: October 20th

Games Club will meet every Friday after school, from 3:00 – 5:00 pm, beginning October 20th.  Games Club is a place to play tabletop board games and card games.  Unfortunately, we don’t play video games or phone games. Students from 6th-8th grades are welcome to join.  If you are a good sport and would like to join, please take home a permission slip from right outside room D-4 and return it to Mr. Melvin.  Once you return your slip, you can begin coming on Friday afternoons.  Game on!


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