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Coffee with the Principal

The first “Coffee with the Principal” session took place on Thursday, November 30th from 9:30 am – 10:30 am at Stout Middle School’s Team Meeting Room in H-Hall. The meeting was supposed to discuss the  School Improvement Plan (SIP) and the Annual Title 1. However, Mr. Oke had only time to explain the School Improvement Plan (SIP) amid valuable input from the parents. Restorative Practices took the lion’s share of the conversation as bus behavior. Mr Lambdin, Mrs. Furkioti, and Mr. Sabra took part in the discussions. There will be another coffee morning in January (date and time to be announced later.)

Mr. Oke and Stout Middle School, would like to thank all who took time of their schedules to participate in the discussion, and would like to see them again, along with more parents.

Volunteers Needed!

As you might already know, Dearborn Public Schools is hosting a FTC State Qualifier AND FLL Jr. Expo on Saturday, December 9th at McCollough Unis School  located at 7801 Maple Street, 48126.
They are still SHORT the necessary VOLUNTEERS needed to have a SUCCESSFUL EVENT AND NEED YOUR HELP! 
If you have volunteered for FIRST before, please log in and choose our Dearborn FTC event.  If not, please go to for detailed steps on how to REGISTER TODAY. The screening/background check takes about a week.  You can fill a role even if you are not available the entire time.  Just indicate your availability when you register as a volunteer for the event. Most roles have on the job training.
Please, please, please HELP!  WE NEED YOU!  Your support will benefit 36 FTC teams and 14 FLL Jr. Teams of which 15 are DEARBORN ROOKIE ROBOTICS TEAMS.
Thanks again!
 Kidada Simmons
Unis Middle School
Event Coordinator

The Mystery of the Whistling Building

In the fall of 2012, the government of New York City began receiving unusual complaints from the residents of a small strip of land in the borough of Staten Island. People who lived around a section of Father Capodanno Boulevard, in the South Beach neighborhood, claimed that, when the wind was up, they could hear a noise that sounded something like whistling. Where the sound came from was a big mystery. The noise had never been around before, but it had suddenly appeared and was often very loud. When the wind was blowing especially hard at night, some residents even had difficulty sleeping. Continue Reading…

Holiday New Toy Collection

Holiday New Toy Collection will begin on Monday, Dec. 4th and run through Wednesday, Dec 13th.  Please bring your donation of new toys for the Salvation Army to your 1st hour teacher.  The class that collects the most toys will win a special treat!

Thanks – Student Council

Two Winners rather than One!

In the last week or so, the Students’ Corner had many really good quotes and it was difficult to choose just one. Here are some of these quotes:

  • “If you focus on the results, you will never change, but if you focus on the change you will get results!” by Mohamad Alyasiry.
  • “Don’t be sad that it ended. Be happy that it happened!” by Malak Baydoun.                      Hala Mallah                        Ali Alhadheri
  • “People are like music. Friends have meaning and others are just noise!” by Hala Mallah.
  • “It is easier to do a job than to explain why you didn’t!” by Haidar Almawla.
  • “Life has no remote; Get up and change it yourself!” by Ali Alhadheri.

It was difficult to choose just one winner. Instead, I decided to have two quotes rather than just one. So congratulations to Hala Mallah and Ali Alhadheri. Please let Mr. Sabra know your preference of Za’atar, Cheese, Spinach, or Meat pie.

Kids, keep sending these great quotes. We love them.

Students’ Corner

Yusra Shawish had this powerful quote, a quote that stresses the power of words and how hurtful or helpful they could be.

“I may forget what you said, but I will never forget how you made me feel!”

Sometimes we say things that we think are just words. However, words might cut deep and leave a scar that’s not visible to others, but very damaging to the person who carries it. They could also lift someone’s spirit high and encourage them to achieve their dreams. So why not use positive words?

Citizens of the Month for November 2017

Here are our Citizens of the Month for November 2017. Each one of them has shown that he / she:

  • Is an informed citizen;
  • Pursues life-long learning;
  • Respects authority / obey the law;
  • Is environmentally responsible;
  • Volunteers within community;
  • Respects the guiding principles of the country.

Congratulations for each and every one of you, and keep on being a good example for others.


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