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Earth Day T-Shirts

 Earth day is not until April, but Mrs. Fernandes got a pretty sweet deal in the mail for Earth Day shirts. Since Stout is aiming to become a “Green School,” this may be a great way to promote awareness of Earth Day and its importance!
The shirts cost $7.00 and look like the attached photo. If you’d like to order one please drop off your money to Mrs. Fernandes and let her know your size!

Helping Students with ADHD

All mental health concerns are treatable. More progress can be made by a coordinated partnership between school and home. It is recommended that with family consent, all community partners involved with the family work together.
Children and teens with ADHD may show behaviors consistent with over-activity, and have a more difficult time than their peers in paying attention and staying on task.
More boys than girls are diagnosed with ADHD, and it is the leading cause of referrals to mental health professionals and special education programs, as well as the juvenile justice system.
Students with ADHD are at higher risk for learning disorders, anxiety disorders, conduct disorder including poor peer relations, and mood disorders such as depression. Continue Reading…


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