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Create a home library for your child

Set aside part of a bookcase for your child. Or, you could have him or her help decorate a box to keep things in. Fill it with a variety of reading materials:

  • Look for deals on used books and magazines at tag sales, thrift stores, and book swaps.
  • Also get a library card for your child so he or she can borrow books, magazines, and other materials for free. Get one for yourself, too! Visit together often.

Do you know a talented 7th grader?

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is in search of high-achieving 7th grade students to apply to this unique five-year, pre-college scholarship. Students selected to be Cooke Young Scholars will receive academic and college counseling, funding for enrichment activities, and the opportunity to join a community of ambitious peers.

All parts of the application must be submitted by March 21, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET. If you or your students have any questions about this opportunity, please feel free to reach out to us at or call 800-941-3300 for more information.

Thank you for helping us find the next generation of Cooke Young Scholars!

Dearborn Public Schools High Level of Growth and Achievement Continues

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has released a new Context and Performance Report Card ranking 2,261 elementary and middle schools across the state.

As quoted by the Mackinac Center, “Dearborn Public Schools deserves a notable mention, as they run five of the top 10 schools on this report card and seven of the top eight conventional schools statewide. The district’s Iris Becker Elementary was also ranked the number one school based on long-term performance.”

“Taking demographics into account when considering a school’s success is essential,” says Mackinac Center Director of Education Policy Ben DeGrow, who co-authored the study with Ronald Klingler. “Some students bring more challenges with them to the classroom and deserve recognition when they are beating the odds.”

The full report card and a searchable database is available at:

Click on the link to learn about the measurement tool. <>.

Dearborn Schools Graduation Rates Reach an All-Time High at 95%: Congratulations Everyone

Congratulations everyone as we have a great reason to Celebrate:  Last year our graduation rates grew to 93%.  We continue to strive for excellence as they reached the highest rate in the history of Dearborn Public Schools at 95%. We were also rated as number two in the state when compared to other large districts just behind Rochester Hills at 96%.  Click Here to view an MLive Article.

I would like to thank our Staff, Board of Education, Parents, Community Members, and of course our awesome students for the attainment of this wonderful accomplishment. Thank you for your hard work and dedication as we continue to work together to meet the needs of our students each and everyday.

Students First: Inspire, Educate, Celebrate.

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Dearborn City School District 76% 83% 86% 87% 90% 93% 95%

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