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A Day Using One Arm Only

Mrs. Fulton’s 8th grade classes have been working on a biotechnology unit. The culminating activity is one in which students will spend one school day without the use of one arm. The goal of this activity is for students to get a better understanding of how others with disabilities are able to adjust to complete daily tasks.

Students are expected to complete any written work (they have the use of their dominate arm). Each student will be bringing a half sheet to be signed by each teacher with the opportunity for the teacher to write a comment as to if the students are doing a good job or if they see them cheating by using their arm.

Students taking part in this activity must drop off their 1/2 sheet and tag to Mrs. Fulton at the end of the day but no earlier than 2:53.

6th & 7th Grade M-STEP testing begins this week.

7th grade students started the M-STEP today, Monday, April 30, taking the math section this afternoon. 7th grade students will take the ELA section Tuesday, May, 01, morning.

6th grade students will take the ELA section of the M-STEP Wednesday, May, 02, morning and the Math section Thursday, May, 03, morning.

Mrs. Wiacek & Mrs. Nasser receive the Lili Rachel Smith Courageous Heroes Award 

Please join us in congratulating Mrs. Marla Wiacek and Mrs. Faizah Nasser on being the c0-recipients of the Lili Rachel Smith Courageous Heroes Award for their work with Beyond Differences. This award is named after the co-founder’s daughter who inspired them to start Beyond Differences.

The ceremony will take Saturday, April 28th.  Not only they will receive this honor, but either one of them – or both – will also be giving a brief speech about the work that we are doing here at Stout to help end social isolation.

While Marla or Faizah don’t expect fanfare (hence the fact that most people at our school didn’t know they even received this amazing honor), we firmly believe that they deserve a round of applause. They have worked tirelessly to create an opportunity for our students here at Stout to grow emotionally, and to spend a little time actually talking to each other instead of staring at phones or Xboxes. This opportunity to talk has helped students (and teachers!) get to know each other, and for some that has made all the difference. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all of the staff here, Faizah’s dedication, and Marla’s awesome organization and planning!

Congratulations, Marla and Faizah, on this well deserved honor! We at Stout are so proud for and of you. Enjoy your special weekend away!

Day Filled With Caring To The Core

The day started early for those riding a special Care to the CORE Day tour bus and almost nine hours later, the group had visited eight different schools, taken dozens of pictures, and witnessed thousands of students taking part in the Dearborn Public Schools first annual Care To The CORE Day event.
The day was planned as a way for the District to highlight all of the great ways schools are working to create a safe school environment. Every school participated in the event by taking part in some type of activity that demonstrates the programs going on in their building that help students resolve conflicts, understand the impact of their behaviors, and create a safer school environment.
Some schools held an anti-bullying awareness assembly; others took part in activities focused on building pride in the school and community, while others highlighted one of many programs centered on building better behaviors in our schools.

Take reading on the road

Reading doesn’t have to be a formal affair. for example, when you are out and about with your child:

  • Have him or her read the street and business signs to you.
  • Make it a game to see who of you can spot the most license plates with a certain letter on them. Say words that start – or end – with letters that you see on license plates.


Our Stout AVID students, under the watchful eye and guidance of Mr. Liggett visited some of the universities and colleges to early-acquaint them with future choices. Here are some pictures from these trips.


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