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Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Stout Daily Bulletin

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Students’ Corner

Sabeha Alnakash had this thoughtful quote:

“True leaders do not create followers. They create more leaders!”

A Letter to New Year’s 7th Graders

Dear Soon-to-be 7th Grader,

You are wrapping up a terrific 6th grade year. Congratulations on all you achieved in your first year at Stout! Now, we’re looking forward to welcoming you into our ELA classrooms in the fall. Over the summer, we will be doing a lot to prepare for the next school year. You should also be doing the same; you should be preparing for 7th grade! Continue Reading…

Late Start Day: Wednesday, May. 16, 2018

Wednesday, May. 16, 2018 is a Late Start Day. Students can catch an extra hour of zzzzzzzzs, as school starts an hour later than usual.

May, 2018 Middle School Years

The May, 2018 issue of the Stout Middle School Years contains many interesting articles. The articles are not too long to read and shed some light on – as the title suggests – middle years. It is here to download…Please continue reading…