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Girls’ Volleyball Varsity edge Unis 2-1

On Wednesday, Sept. 26 Stout Girls’ Volleyball Varsity played Unis. They won the game by a score of 2 sets to 1. It was a well-deserved win in a hard fought game, especially the 3rd set when our girls edged Unis 25-23.  Unfortunately, our Girls’ Junior Varsity lost their game by a score of 2 sets to 1. GO Falcons Go!

Need an appointment? Here is how you do it!

If you need to book an appointment with Stout administrators (Mr. Oke or Mr. Blessing) or any of our counselling personnel (Mrs. Nasser, Mr. Baydoun, Mr. Tindall, Mr. Haddad, or Mr. Sabra), select contacts from the main menu,  Appointment Forms, click on the picture you need, then follow instructions to fill in the form.

Here is a quick link to that page:

Appointment Forms

What is a tornado?

Last night Wayne County was under a tornado warning, so what is a tornado?

A tornado is a big windstorm. Tornado winds spin very fast. They often make a long cloud that looks a little like an ice cream cone. It is called a funnel cloud. Tornado winds can harm things on the ground. They can break trees. They can harm buildings. They can destroy cars and boats.

If a tornado is coming, people should go to a basement or another safe place. They should stay there until the storm passes.

Picture of the Day

Image Credit & Copyright: Witta Priester

Asperitas clouds can be stunning in appearance, unusual in occurrence, and are relatively unstudied. The featured image, taken above Hanmer  Springs in  Canterbury, New Zealand, in 2005, shows great detail partly because sunlight illuminates the clouds from the side.

Another Students’ Corner Winner

A week and a half ago, Sulaiman Algalham, a 6th grader, sent us a wonderful quote that said, “Be a voice, not an echo.” He hoped to win our Students’ Corner prize, and sure enough, he did. Please let Mr. Sabra know your pie preference: za’atar, cheese, meat, or spinach.


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