Daily Archives: November 14, 2018

A picture worth a million words

I was walking in one of the school’s halls when I noticed 3 students walking and talking in such harmony. I couldn’t help asking them if I could take a picture and post it on our school’s blog. They asked me why, and I explained that their three natural hair colors – blonde, black, and red – reminded me of how diverse this country is. I thought to myself that these three kids were so much at ease with each other: no tension or animosity, just the way it was meant to be.

Other students saw that happening and asked why was I taking the picture. I told them that I just wanted to show that although we were created in different shades and colors, harmony was intended to govern our coexistence. I asked them to keep that in mind as they grow up and not let adults change this concept. So now more kids wanted to be in the picture.

Academics of the Month – October 2018

Looking good kiddos! Keep it going…

Citizens of the Month – October 2018

Keep the good work kiddos!

Students’ Corner has a winner

Hager Morshed is the winner of the Students’ Corner pie for sharing this quote:

“Don’t cry over the past; it’s gone. Don’t stress over the future; it hasn’t arrived yet. Live in the present and Make it BEAUTIFUL!”

Please let Mr. Sabra know your preference of za’atar, cheese, meat, or spinach pie!