Daily Archives: November 19, 2018

Turn your School Achievement Contracts into the School’s office

Any students who had received a School Achievement contract with their report cards that were mailed last week need to turn them into the office signed by the parent and the student as soon as they can.  Thanks.


Theodore Matta, a 6th grader, explained that his chosen quote simply means that helping others lifts you up and makes you feel better.

“By doing simple acts of kindness for others, we can’t help but lift ourselves up too!”

Parents Awareness Event: Tuesday, Nov. 27th, 2018

Dear parents / guardians

As we all know, bullying is a significant problem in schools. It takes its toll on students, and plenty of time and resources are spent dealing with it instead of learning. That’s why parents should make time to attend this event.

Where:      Stout Middle School

Date:         Tuesday, Nov. 27th, 2018

Time:         9:00 am – 10:30 am

Contact:     Faiza Nasser at (313) 827-4600 or (313) 827-4615.


The Greatest Showcase: Another STC Success!

Another year, another show, another success! Way to go Stout Theater Company!