Daily Archives: December 6, 2018

Friday, Dec. 07, 2018 Stout Daily Bulletin

Click on Bulletin 12-07-2018 to download your copy of Stout’s Daily Bulletin, your eyes and ears into your kids’ school.

Stout Store reopens on Tuesday, December 11th

The Stout Store will reopen on Tuesday, December 11th.  It will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning before school. Thanks!

Stout PTA on Facebook

Stout PTA has a Facebook page. If you are interest in joining or just visiting to be aware of the PTA activities just click on:

Stout PTA on Facebook

More November Students of the month    

Here are our special Students of the Month for November, 2018. Keep the good work kiddos!!!

STUDENTS’ CORNER Quote of the week

Congratulations to Lara Nazha who won the quote of the week!

“A four leaf clover is like a best friend: hard to get and lucky to find!”

Please let Mr. Sabra know if you prefer za’atar, cheese, meat, or spinach pie.

Stout Girls Swim Team beats Lowery 95-54!

Our Stout Girls Swim Team won again. On Wednesday, Dec. 5th, 2018 they comfortably beat Lowery with a margin of 41 points. The final score was 95 – 54. Way to go girls and keep on swimming!