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The Final Battle of the Books: Friday, March 29

Prepare for the final Battle of the Books. It will take place on Friday March 29th at 1:00 p.m. in the Team Meeting Room. You don’t need to bring anything with you. Computers will be set up for you. Mrs. Acker is taping the event and she will be posting it on her blog afterward if any of your family or friends want to see you compete.  Best of luck!

Mercury, Not Venus, Is the Closest Planet to Earth

By Ryan F. Mandelbaum

A team of scientists just demonstrated something that might shock you: Mercury, not Venus, is the closest planet to Earth on average. The researchers presented their results this week in an article in the magazine   Physics Today. They explain that our methods of calculating which planet is “the closest” oversimplify the matter. But that’s not all. Please continue reading…

Falcon Flyer on sale: Monday, March 18 & Tuesday, March 19

On Monday, March 18 and Tuesday, March 19, the Falcon Flyer student newspaper will be on sale in the cafeteria during breakfast and sixth grade lunch.  It costs $1.00 to buy your issue and your chance to win our March Madness prizes. If you would like to buy a Falcon Flyer t-shirt, pick up an order form in the office or in room D-4 and get your money to Mr. Melvin by spring break.


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