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You Are Welcome in Dearborn Public Schools

Nearly half of the students in Michigan’s Dearborn Public School District are English language learners, many of whom have come from war-torn countries such as Syria and Yemen.

Our 20-minute film, You Are Welcome Here (also available with Arabic subtitles below), showcases the ways in which the district is helping its immigrant students succeed, featuring Salina Elementary School and Salina Intermediate School in the South End of Dearborn. Extended interviews are available along with recommended resources below.

Viewer note: The film includes references to traumatic topics such as violence and family separation.


This film was produced with the generous support of our founding partner, the American Federation of Teachers.

Parent response to lockdowns

Dearborn Public Schools considers your child’s safety one of our top concerns. That
includes training them how to respond to potential emergencies in the buildings from fire
drills to lockdowns. This sheet is meant to help you, as parents, understand your role in
keeping children safe during an emergency at school. Continue reading …


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