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Looking for Student Leaders!

Once again, Stout 7th and 8th grade students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills on the Superintendent & Executive Directors’ Student Advisory Council (SEDSAC). Stout SEDSAC members will meet regularly with our Executive Director, Dr. Chochol, and the school principal, Mr. Oke. Last year’s student leaders, planned Charity Week, created a student survey that led to building changes, collaborated with student leaders from other middle schools, and presented to Stout teachers at a staff meeting. Interested 7th and 8th grade students should use the link posted below to apply.

Interested students should meet the following criteria.

  1. Excellent Attendance
  2. 2.5 GPA or higher
  3. Willing to collaborate with fellow students
  4. Demonstrate problem solving, creative thinking, initiative, and the desire to make a change
  5. Exhibit communication & presentation skills
  6. Adhere to the policies in the District Student Code of Conduct
  7. Attend monthly meetings during the school day and balance your academics

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