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Immerse yourself in photography this Fall!

The Arab American National Museum is offering Middle and high school students an opportunity to learn the art of photography in a 10-week
course, designed to help students share stories about their lives, community and culture. With the help of expert photographers, students will narrate and document their reality through photography and develop skills in composition, lighting, composition and storytelling. This year’s theme is all about telling your story through experiences and action. Students are welcome to use their smartphones; digital cameras will also be provided by AANM. Students’ work will be celebrated in the Museum’s annual Student Photography Exhibition. Register now; limited to 20 students! All experience levels welcome. Click o the following link to get more details.

Dentists R US at Stout Friday, Dec. 6, 2019

A picture of a boy smiling while holding a toothbrush

For the 4th year in a row, Dentists R US is coming back to Stout Middle School to perform the following free preventive dental services:

  • Comprehensive dental exams
  • Dental cleaning
  • Fluoride treatments
  • X-Rays (if needed)
  • Sealants (when necessary)

In addition, every participant will get a free toothbrush and an oral report will be sent home to the parents or guardians.

Permission slips will be distributed to students to be filled out and returned to teacher, Mr. Sabra, or main office before Friday, December 06, 2019.

A draw for an Android Tablet will be offered if we get 35 or more students to participate. Also, a staff luncheon will be provided for teachers if 75 or more students participate.

Students’ Corner Winners

All those who sent quotes to the Students’ Corner are winners. Unfortunately, I have to choose the winner of the winners. As usual, you make it difficult to me to pick just one, so here are the two quotes that won the pie of their liking. “Make new friends; keep the old. One is silver; the other is gold!’ by 6th grader Ali Hassan. “You are never too old to set a goal or to dream a new dream!” by 8th grader Weaam Alnamer. Please contact Mr. Sabra and let him know your preference: za’atar, cheese, meat, or spinach.

Parent SIP Visit Sign Up Link

Good afternoon everyone,

If you are having difficulty with the Parent SIP Sign Up link, please use this updated one instead. Parent SIP Visit Sign Up Link. I apologize for any issues this might have caused.Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.Thank you,

Hilda Irani

Instructional Coach for School Improvement & the Dearborn Teacher University

Dearborn Public Schools

18700 Audette Dearborn, MI 48214313-827-3078

“To teach is to learn twice.“ Joseph Joubert

Letter for State Budget not passing 2019 Impact

Greetings Governor Whitmer, Members of the Michigan Senate, and Michigan House of Representatives:

It has been extremely difficult for us to start the new school year in Dearborn without knowing what our budgetary allocation will be from the state. We complied with state law, as we always do, and approved a budget prior to our deadline of June 30, 2019. However, we did that based on projections and a “best guess” estimate of the final state budget. Not only is it very difficult to start the school year and staff our schools without knowing our budget but it is also very disruptive for our parents, students, and staff who have not had to experience this type of budget forecasting over the last several years.   

As a result of not knowing our budget for the 2019-20 school year and a history that shows our state is last in education funding growth, we had to eliminate approximately 60 teaching and administrative positions. The result is a reduction in the level of service that we are able to provide our students.  We tried to make these reductions outside of the classroom in order to mitigate the impact on instruction. The final plan to implement a balanced budget will have a negative impact on Dearborn students. The plan included the elimination of the following positions:

  • Thirty-one direct teaching positions
  • Parent Talk Coordinator 
  • District wide Athletic Director 
  • Six English Language Learning (ELL)

    Department positions

  • Two technology coach positions
  •  Two Assistant Principal positions
  •  Director of School Improvement
  • Literacy Middle School Coordinator position
  • Math Coach position
  • Two early childhood specialist support positions 
  • Two instructional coach positions
  • Four middle school counseling positions
  • Nine special education support positions
  • One secretarial position
  • A part time truancy position
  • A part time new teacher coach position
  • Three high school community liaisons
  • Three Special Education positions
  • Two special area teachers (music, art, gym, etc..)
  • And several more positions as we had to add full time positions back for support positions that were part time to compete in today’s market for entry level labor.

During the summer months, we heard from many stressed parents, students, and staff who are deeply concerned and unhappy about current staffing levels in their schools.  Several parents and PTA members came to our open public board meetings in July, August, and September to express those concerns and their frustration with the lack of urgency from Lansing to adopt a budget. 

I ask that you please consider passing a budget that adequately funds public schools as soon as possible. We have seen the recent studies that put Michigan at the bottom nationally when it comes to funding growth.  Please do not pass legislation that will continue this trend and divert money from the school aid fund for other uses. In addition, there have been other reports, such as the comprehensive finance collaborative study that recommends drastic changes to the outdated educational funding system in Michigan.  At this point in time the bottom line for Dearborn Public schools is that the proposed budget by the Governor provides six million dollars more than the proposed House budget. Those funds would allow us to hire more teachers, offer more support services, and/or provide other necessary programs for our more than 20,500 students in Dearborn.  We are hopeful that all of you (the House, Senate, and Governor) will work in collaboration to consider a budget that will provide an appropriate level of resources for our students.

You were elected to represent the people in your communities and to make the difficult decisions. I understand the task at hand is a huge undertaking with pressure coming from many different directions.  I offer my experience, knowledge, and background as an educator of 24 years to assist in any way and encourage any elected official to contact me. I appreciate your perseverance and commitment to supporting our school district, the interest of our students, and public education throughout the state of Michigan.  I implore you, please do not let the students in our classrooms become just another pawn in a budget chess game. They are the most valuable asset this state has to offer and provide the brightest hope for the future of the great state of Michigan.     

With Regards,

Glenn Maleyko, Ph.D. 

Superintendent of Schools

18700 Audette, Dearborn MI, 48124

Phone: (313) 827-3021



Another delicious Popcornopolis for smiling & being responsible

Safa Aboraihan, a 7th grader, is always on time and walks in with a smile.  She helps her peers with Spanish vocabulary and explains assignments. That is leading by example and demonstrates our core values. This positive attitude earns her a very delicious and colorful large cone of Popcornopolis from Mr. Sabra. Do keep the good work going Safa. Stout is Proud of you.


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