Dear Stout Community,

Yesterday, the Dearborn Police Department investigated comments made by a Stout student on social media. The police department identified the student, visited the student’s home, and determined that the comments did not constitute a credible threat. The student explained that the comments were meant as a “joke”. Regardless, this type of behavior is serious and will be dealt with firmly with severe consequences. We will have an added police presence at Stout this morning, but otherwise we will follow our normal school day procedures. Additionally, we will be working with our School Resource Officer as we continue to work through this incident. The safety of our students is our first priority.

Please speak to your student about the importance of exercising good judgement when posting to social media. Last Thursday, following an incident at one of the high schools, Mr. Blessing and I visited classrooms to discuss that situation and talked to students about the possible consequences of inappropriate social media posts. We will continue to counsel students to make positive decisions online. Please support us by talking with your student at home as well.

Thank you,

Mr. Oke