Students in need of assistance in their content area classes can attend after-school tutoring sessions. Students must be signed up for tutoring by their appropriate content area teacher. The content area teacher will provide the tutor with information regarding what areas the student needs assistance in. There is a limit of 20 students per tutor per session. Sessions run from 3:00 until 5:00. Please see the list below for teachers and days that tutoring is being offered. Please contact your student’s teacher if you feel they could benefit from tutoring.

  • ELA (Thompson – D5)                 W & Th
  • ELA (Blazeski – H8)                     Tu & Th
  • Math (Zoratti – H7)                      W
  • Science/Math (Gleed – F8)         Tu & F
  • Science (Bourdage – F6)              W
  • Social Studies (Schulkey – G1)    F
  • Social Studies (Bennett – H6)     Tu