We regret to inform you that Mr. Rashid Baydoun has made a decision to end his involvement with Stout Theater. We would like to thank Mr. Baydoun for his years of service and dedication to the theater program. We respect the decision he has made and we appreciate Mr. Baydoun for bringing the gift of theater to so many students at Stout and across the district over the past few years.

Unfortunately, information regarding Mr. Baydoun’s decision was shared with students after school today by a staff member. Had the administrators been aware of the timing of the communication, we would have been present to support students. Understandably, many students were upset about the announcement. We apologize if this announcement created distress for students and families. Mr. Oke and Mr. Blessing will be available to talk with students during the day. At this time, we plan to continue to offer theater as an extracurricular activity.

Mr. Baydoun, along with the work of many other school staff and parents, has made great contributions to the success of Stout Theatre. We would welcome his return at any time to be part of the program. Mr. Baydoun will continue to be with students during the school day as Stout’s Social Responsibility Technician.

Mr. Oke &  Mr. Blessing