By Dave Herndon @NHDaveH on Twitter

A nationwide study conducted by SmartAsset, has named Dearborn the third best place in the country for children to gather sweet treats on Halloween. Only Orem, Utah and Nampa, Idaho are better places for trick or treating than Dearborn according to the study.

The study, conducted for the sixth straight year, takes many things into consideration when formulating the rankings.

A higher single-family housing density means less walking to hit the next candy jackpot and Dearborn ranks in the top 40 cities for this metric across all 256 cities in the study. Dearborn also ranks in the top 50 for the percentage of its population younger than age 15.

The city cracks the top 50 in the study for its relatively low violent crime rate of around 273 incidents per 100,000 residents.

No other Michigan cities ranked in the top 25.

Details on the study, including full methodology and rankings, can be found here: