Comcast has expanded its Internet Essentials program to include all low-income households. With this
expansion, the company estimates an additional 3 million households nationwide are newly eligible for the
program. The company says this should be particularly helpful to seniors, those with disabilities, and those
without children. Households eligible for the National School Lunch Program are still able to take advantage of
this program.
If you’re unfamiliar, Internet Essentials is Comcast’s 8-year-old broadband adoption program available
exclusively to low-income households. It provides them with $9.95 per month internet service, and the option
to purchase a computer for less than $150. It represents the company’s effort to help close the digital divide.
The company encourages educators to help spread the information and will provide print materials free of
charge. Material is available in 16 different languages. For more details, contact Kyle V. Mazurek at (734)
254-1557 or .