in January 2015 I started a journey with Stout Middle School, and for 5 years I tried my best to make Stout better and to provide help and support to our students, staff, and community. Today this journey comes to an end, and, starting Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, I begin a new one at Dearborn High School. I will miss Stout a lot and I leave with very mixed emotions. One thing I will always do is give our students the best I have because they are our future engineers, doctors, lawyers, and even politicians. Simply put, helping them is helping ourselves.

My thanks extend to everyone at Stout; the compassionate Mr. Oke, the energetic Mrs. Faraj, the main office staff who made my job easier (most of the time), the teachers and support staff who did their work selflessly, to the parents who entrusted me, and to the students who made my job “interesting” to say the least. All the best to every and single one of you.

Mohamad Sabra