Our Music program each year holds a Halloween Basket Raffle to raise funds for the program. We will do so again this year.

Two students will come around tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 24 to explain the raffle to our first hour classes. Those same students will begin to collect money on Wednesday, October 25. The basket drawing will be on Tuesday, October 31. Please allow students to give their 1.5 minutes explanation following our morning announcements. If you cannot have our students come to your room, please let Mr. Walters know.

Collect Money Start:            Wednesday, October 25

Basket drawing:                   Tuesday, October 31

Ticket Prices:                       3 for $1.00.


Prizes:                                  Winner #1 gets 1st choice of baskets,

                                            Winner #2 gets 2nd choice

                                            Winner #3 gets final basket

Baskets include candy, popcorn, and a movie. Movies are:

Basket 1          Corpse Bride

Basket 2          Snow White and the Huntsmen

Basket 3          Gremlins