If your child is going to be absent, Stout Middle School has a 24 hour attendance telephone number that is available for you. Please call in your child’s absence by 8:00 a.m. Our attendance telephone number is (313) 827- 4601 or send a note BEFORE 8:30 A.M. on the day of the absence. You can also call the office at 313-827-4600 to report absences. Additionally, if children are late to class or leave early on a regular basis, important learning time is lost for the child and others in the classroom. Please make sure children are in school by 7:40 a.m. and try to avoid picking them up before 2:55 p.m.

Your children will receive a packet from the school on the first day, please make sure to fill out and complete all the forms and return to school. It is important that we have the emergency cards with valid telephone numbers to contact you on file in case we need to reach you during the school day.

Stout Administration



A message from Mr. Oke & Mrs. Cizek
Welcome back! The start of a new school year can be an exciting time. It can also be a little scary as students adjust to new teachers and in the case of our 6th grade students, a new school. In many ways, we feel the same way about the new school year as many of our students. There are several new programs we will be implementing at Stout that we’re very excited about, but we’re also a little nervous. We will spend a lot of time focusing on responsibility this year at Stout. We have added a Responsibility Room and a Social Responsibility Educator to help support students in making responsible choices. We have also added additional support programs in reading. All of us (students, teachers, administrators, and parents) are facing new experiences this school year, and we want to remind everyone that we are all in this together. The staff at Stout is here to support each and every student. If you ever have any concerns about your child’s progress or their experience at Stout, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our teachers, community liaison, counselor, social worker, support staff, and office staff are all here to support your child. While we provide support, your child has the largest role in his or her success. Please encourage your child to make their school work a priority by helping your child develop a routine for completing school work. Have regular discussions about school with your child and follow your child’s progress in all classes on the computer using Parent Connect. The start of a new school year is the beginning of another exciting journey. We are honored that we get to share it with you and your child.
Mr. Oke & Mrs. Cizek

Future EFHS Students

Here is some important information with dates for future EFHS students and their families:

Tuesday, June 10th–  Parent meeting on Early Start  6pm– Edsel Ford cafeteria
August 1st-12th  Early Start Program @ Edsel Ford (upstairs in the academy)
Freshmen Orientation Friday, August 22nd in the main gym at Edsel Ford from 8am-12pm

Daily Bulletin: Tuesday June 3rd

STUDENT DAILY BULLETIN  Tuesday, 3rd, 2014


S.M.S. Mission/Purpose: Learning!

“The relentless pursuit of high levels of learning for all students and adults alike!”



Dress Codes: With the weather getting warmer and all of our fashionistas are putting together their looks please keep in mind what the Stout Dress Code Expectations are:


  • All shirts must have sleeves and/or a collar, be able to be tucked in and stay in.
  • The hem of a skirt/dress must fall to mid-thigh or longer.  All shorts must be mid-thigh or longer.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist at all times.
  • Outerwear, including hats, visors, hoods, bandanas are prohibited in school.
  • Spandex clothing is prohibited.
  • Clothing with sexual connotations or inappropriate language/graphics, including those of an intimidating or hostile nature with respect to race, color, creed, or disability is prohibited.
  • Attire must not reveal any undergarments or be too revealing such as low cut t-shirts.
  • Sleepwear is prohibited, P.J. bottoms, slippers, etc
  • Beachwear is prohibited.
  • Backpacks are not to be worn or carried during the school day.


Test-Out: If you are interested in testing out, please see Mr. Tindall to inquire for more information.

Attention 8th Grade Students: As the end of the year quickly approaches I have started to put together the slide show for the 8th grade promotion. I am looking for memorable pictures during you years at SMS. If you have any pictures you would like to share please bring them to my office before or afterschool OR email them to me at ~ Ms. Tekko, Page


EFHS Cheer:Attention all girls interested in trying out for Edsel Ford cheerleading next
year.  Clinic and tryouts will be next week at the following times:

Tuesday June  3rd 6:30-8:00 (clinics)
Wednesday June 4th 4:30-6:30(clinics)
Thursday June 5th 4:30 -? (final try out)

You must have a physical on file to tryout.


FREE Shopping Day At Costco

Costco Wholesale has arranged a membership reception for all Faculty, Staff, Friends and Families (including parents) of Wayne County Schools at our warehouse where we’ll offer them the opportunity to sign up for membership. On June 7th and 8th, 2014 we’ll offer them:
. A FREE one-day shopping pass at our warehouse (both Livonia
locations–I-96 and Middlebelt, and on Haggerty between 7 Mile
and 8 Mile)
. A $10 or $20 Costco Cash Card upon signing up for new Gold Star or
Executive membership
. Payment can only be accepted in the form of cash, debit or American
Express. (EBT is now accepted, but no checks will be accepted except
from Costco members)
This will be a one day pass between the hours of 9:30 am until 6:00 pm on Saturday, and 10:00 am until 6:00 pm on Sunday. We will have a special reception area where they will have the opportunity to enjoy refreshments and learn more about the many services we offer our members. This offer is not available to the general public, and will only be available on those days. Please print up and bring in the attachment for your free one day pass.
Our basic membership at Costco is the Gold Star Membership and is $55/year for two household cards (two people over the age of 18 living at the same address).
Our best membership is the Executive Membership, which is $55/year for the basic, and an additional $55 for the upgrade (still two household cards). So, $110 total. With the Executive Membership, members earn 2% back on most purchases for the entire year. Approximately six weeks before the membership is about to expire, a check will be mailed to the member for their 2% amount. IF the check is not at least what they paid to upgrade ($55 for a full year, but prorated for a partial year), the member needs to bring the check back in and give it to us. We will then give them the amount of the check and the difference between what they paid to upgrade and the check they actually got.
Also, new Gold Star Members will be given a $10 cash card, and new Executive Members will be given a $20 cash card upon sign up. Those that need to renew their memberships will be given a gift bag.
Also, if a member signs up for the Executive Membership along with the FREE Costco American Express card, and gets approved, American Express will give them a $55 credit on their bill after they spend $250 on the card within the first three months.
Hope this helps explain everything.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon.
Susan R. Urben
Costco #390 Marketing Representative


Students Taking a New Direction

Over the school year several students have taken the initiative to put in their hard work, determination, and dedication to giving back to the community in a variety of ways. The most recent projects going on that have captured the attention of many of us are those of the students from Mrs. Reed’s class who have put together ways to help raise money for an organization or foundation of their choice. They have raised money through bake sales, raffles, and activity days. Other students took the lead in promoting a positive and safe school by making posters, drawings, and writing poems and captivating responses that have been posted around the building.  Below are some, no where near all, of the pictures I have been able obtain throughout this process.


ali salamei team

bitar team

bitars chyerals team wazne  malaks team megan and molly

responses to 7habits

Both basketball teams put together a play for a cure basketball game. Students who attended were able to take free throw shots in attempts to win prizes donating a dollar or make purchases at concession stands or Breast Cancer accessories. All together the teams raised $1000!!

shoot for a cure


Our most recent outstanding Stout Falcon goes to Malak Wazne in 8th grade! We all need your help in supporting Malak and her effort to working very hard on a drawing that she has submitted in the “Doddle For Google” contest.  Below is a picture of her entry and description of the contest You can go to on April 29th and vote on her drawing with the theme of ‘Bionics’. Way to go MALAK!!



This year’s theme:
If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place…

Before there was an airplane, there were doodles of cool flying machines. And before there was a submarine, there were doodles of magical underwater sea explorers. Since the beginning of time, ideas big and small, practical and playful, have started out as doodles. And we’re ready for more. One talented young artist (grades K-12) will see his or her artwork on the Google homepage and receive a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 Google for Education technology grant for his or her school.


LAST, but certainly NOT least, I would like to give a personal thank-you on behalf of myself and the Stout Staff to Mrs. Reed for putting together many great opportunities for Stout Students as well as other youth in the community. In addition to the outstanding work she does in the classroom, projects she has supported students with, and charity basketball games she has put together, Mrs. Reed found time to gather Lady Falcon basketball players and other sports enthusiast students, with the help of a few parent chaperons and took them on a Woman’s Basketball College Tour. They attended Woman’s Basketball games of these colleges University Of Cincinnati, Louisville University, University of Kentucky, Vanderbilt University, and University of Connecticut. They were able to meet a few of the players, learn about the college teams, and view the campuses. They also had the opportunity to attend the Kentucky Horse Park, Louisville Slugger Museum, and enjoy a group dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe! Everyone had an outstanding time and could not WAIT to come back and share the details of their experience.   Again, Thank you to the parents who where able to take part in attending the trip, all the staff and students who helped raise money for the trip, and of course Mrs. Reed for always doing your best to make sure as many students get these outstanding experiences.

trip to kentucky


Students have been working very hard in small groups/teams putting together events and activities to support the Stout Middle School Relay for Life Team!

Here is the video that the Relay For Life committee worked really hard on to show to the student’s so that they could be informed about what Relay For Life is and all the fundraisers we are doing. It has some “funny” aspects to it so we would like it to be viewed more than once so that they do not miss any information. I appreciate all your support!! Again your help and support is greatly appreciated. *Also don’t forget to sign up for the team if you haven’t done so already!!!

We would also like to take a brief second to say a huge THANK YOU to the awesome Mr. McMullen for dedicating his time to record and make this video for us. He took our simple script and turned it into something really cool! We couldn’t have done it without you so thanks so much!!!!!

Watch the video here ======>


Greetings Stout Families

This week is Teacher Appreciation week! The PFSO would like to provide breakfast for our amazing Stout Staff on Thursday May 8th to thank them for everything they do for our children. We are asking for items to be donated by you. Please bring in a home made or store bought breakfast item to the office either on Wednesday afternoon or on Thursday morning. Also please spread the word,  tell other Stout parents to donate items and remember to have your student thank all of our wonderful Stout teachers this week! If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you.
Amal Kadouh


Greetings All,

This is just a reminder that there will be a PFSO meeting on Thursday May 8th at 7pm after 6th grade orientation.

April is Mathematics Awareness Month

Held every April, the goal of Mathematics Awareness Month is to
increase public understanding of and appreciation for mathematics.
2014 Theme: Mathematics, Magic & Mystery.

MAM 2014 will be dedicated to the presentation of 30 magical,
mysterious, mathematical phenomena. These are gems that can easily be
appreciated by anyone, from young child to professional mathematician.
Each day in April, a new phenomenon will be revealed at There will be an introductory video along with
supplementary materials for those who wish to attain a deeper
understanding or use the phenomenon in a classroom demonstration.

Magic squares and Möbius bands to magical card tricks and illusions,
mysterious phenomena with elegant “Aha!” explanations have permeated
mathematics for centuries. Such brain-teasing challenges promote
creative and rational thinking, attract a wide range of people to the
subject, and often inspire serious mathematical research.

The theme of Mathematics Awareness Month 2014 echoes the title of a
1956 book by renowned math popularizer Martin Gardner, whose extensive
writings introduced the public to hexaflexagons, polyominoes, John
Conway’s “Game of Life,” Penrose tiles, the Mandelbrot set, and much
more. For more than half a century Gardner inspired enthusiasts of all
ages to engage deeply with mathematics, and many of his readers chose
to pursue it as a career. The year 2014 marks the centennial of
Gardner’s birth.

Starr Sleiman
8th Grade Mathematics
Stout Middle School

“Never underestimate the smallest of acts that keep a child from
falling through the cracks, help another fit in, or turn a life
around; a smile, a word of praise, a listening ear, a kind word, an
act of caring … all have the potential to be a turning point in a
child’s life”.   Leo Buscaglia (adapted)

Congratulations Dearborn Public Schools – Academic State Champions

District Named A

 State Academic Champ


The Dearborn Public Schools was one of the 54 school districts, out of more than 500 in the state, selected as an Academic State Champion by Bridge Magazine. The report is the publications third annual ranking of Michigan’s schools from best to worst, based on the test scores and income levels of families. The District placed in the top 15 on the list.


To determine the winners, Bridge uses a value-added ranking system which measures a school’s test scores adjusted for student family income, which is often a predictor of academic achievement. Essentially, Bridge’s Academic State Champions are being recognized for over-achievement, rather than achievement. A complete list and information on how districts were selected can be found at:


“We are very proud of the hard work our administrative team and teachers have put forth to bring about academic gains in our schools.  This award is a testament to that effort and the ability of all students to achieve in the classroom,” commented Dearborn Public Schools Superintendent Mr. Brian Whiston.


The State Academic Champ designation is another highlight in a string of accolades received by the district.  Recently, Superintendent Whiston was named State Superintendent of the Year by MASA. He attributes the award to the leadership of the Board, dedication of staff, support of parents, and hard work of students.  In addition, the district is anticipating another considerable increase in graduation rates and has been awarded full five year accreditation from AdvancED.


“From big cities to farming communities, quality education is occurring in every corner of Michigan,” said John Bebow, president of The Center for Michigan, which publishes Bridge.


“Our Academic State Champions series takes a close look at what these schools are doing right, in the hopes that their success can be reproduced throughout the state.”

Cool News

Recently Stout’s boy’s basketball team held a “play for a cure” game vs. O.L. Smith. Students held a concession stand, selling snacks and Brest Cancer Awareness accessories. During half time staff gave students the chance to take a shot, for a one dollar donation, with a chance to win a 2 liter of soda. All had an enjoyable time!


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

On August 23rd 2013, Stout Middle School had the opportunity to give back to our families through our outstanding community. With many sponsors on board we were able to put together our first annual BACK TO SCHOOL BASH. Students and their families were able to come in and enjoy time with their friends and get to know others while they where offered FREE food, drinks, desserts, snacks, hair cuts, manicures, music by a live DJ, Sam’s Club Memberships, and basic skill athletic training. Great gifts and necessities were raffled off, including Walmart gift cards, coats, school supplies, t-shirts, backpacks, spa treatments, and books. On top of all that excitement, we had two outstanding visitors from the Detroit Lions; special thank you to Andre Fulellen and Nate Burleson. It was a very successful turnout with many students and their families who enjoyed a wonderful experience.

Nate Burleson Greeting Kids In LobbyNate Burleson with BannerAndre Fluellen with studentsNate Burleson Signing AutographsAndre Fluellen with crew


On Friday, May 17th our 6th grade students attended a field trip to the University of Michigan- Dearborn, first annual the “Gulo Gulo” event—a conference designed for middle school students.  Students attended college classes on campus in which they had a little feel for what electives are available at a college level. Students were excited to interact within the different classrooms, enjoyed an amazing lunch provided by U of M Dearborn, and a Mini Concert by a campus band.  As educators we believe students expressed their experience as a great one as their unprompted responses as the day went along.  Ms. Alasry who coordinated and facilitated the field trip let us all know some of the things she saw and what students were saying :

“Three quotes that I heard directly, “I feel important!” (Hussain Naseer) “I feel special!” (Faheem Patel) “I feel like an artist.” (Hawraa Alyssa) These were all unprompted responses by students within student-led conversations in the sessions. Brandon, my pre-student teacher, attended and said he was shocked at how well everything went. He said, “The number of students in 6th grade is greater than the population at my high school yet it went so well– I was shocked and that’s a good thing.” ”

6th grade teachers that attended the field trip were all quick to email their thoughts upon return from the experience.  All seem to have enjoyed the experience and would like to take the students again next year if the invitation is again extended.  One of the teacher responses that came unprompted was:

“Thank you Ms. Khadigah Alasry for planning such a great trip, the kids were so well behaved and everything went smoothly.  I think it was great that they were able to see a university up close and hopefully will motivate them more because the U of M-Dearborn campus really is beautiful and they thought it was so cool.  Have a great weekend all.”  – Mrs. Hamid

The U of M Dearborn staff was incredibly welcoming and thoughtful throughout the whole experience.  They were paying close attention to each individual student as they were separated into small groups of about 10-15 per classroom.  Students were given a multitude of classes and surveyed on the top three that they would like to attend.  The electives that the students experienced were those that they were surveyed on ahead of time. A complete list of the electives are as follows:

Goofy Putty Painting GI Joe
Computer Games Team Perfect Community
Logic Detective Be The Change Borrowing
Super Hero Goofy Putty ASL
ASL Perfect Community Let Go
Team Logic Detective Painting
Cultural Stitching GI Joe Be The Change
Be the Change Cultural Stitching Team
Shortest Story Brand You Goofy Putty
Perfect Community Super Hero Computer Games
Wacky Graphs Computer Games Go Away
Money Astronomy Shortest Story
Go Away Let Go Logic Detective
Astronomy Go Away Wacky Graphs
Let Go Shortest Story Super Hero
Brand You Money Cultural Stitching
Borrowing Wacky Graphs Money
Painting ASL Astronomy

The U of M staff were delighted to have the students and contacted Ms. Alasry with again an unprompted response reminding us of how wonderful out students are giving us continued pride in our Stout Falcons:

“Smart, respectful, fun, curious. These just a few of the words used to describe the students of Stout during our debrief. We all learned a lot and had fun. Thank you for your help and the work of all the teachers, students and parents at Stout.” – U of M Dearborn Event Coordinator uofm11 uofm13 uofm14 uofm10 uofm9 uofm8 uofm7 uofm6 uofm5 uofm4 uofm3 uofm2 uofm1













































Check out some of the fun things that have been going on at Stout! In March, the students were rewarded; for their positive behavior and practicing core values, with our Annual Wheels Assembly where many different things were raffled off from clothing, to electronics, sports equipment and BIKES!  All the rewards are donations from Stout staff, Stout families, local community members, the Detroit Pistons, the Detroit Lions, Derek Lowe, and Chief Skillz training camp. We would like to thank anyone and everyone who participated in this event and helped make it happen. We saw MANY students smiling and are thankful for the rewards and experience. This year was a little more exciting as we had a few visitors join us. Roary the Detroit Lions Mascot and Andre Drummond the Detroit Pistons rookie center came by and pulled students names from the raffle box, interacted with the crowd, posed for pictures, and signed autographs. We would like to extend an extra thank you to the two of them, the difference they made in the lives of our students by simply interacting with them was phenomenal.

photo 5

photo 1

photo 2

photo 2


In April, Sports World made the connection with Stout, offered to reach out, and sent an athlete to talk to our students about the importance to academics, positive behavior, and drug and alcohol abuse. Tim Lester former NFL player gave a great presentation about his experiences in life that helped him to be where he is today. Through pictures, videos, and personal stories Tim captured the students attention and had them engaged in the presentation as well as encouraging students during the answer and question session towards academic achievement. Tim made personal connections with a few students who he offered to mentor.


photo 3

photo 4












Jibreel Mawry, who started the year at Stout, moved to New York and returned, but moved back again about a month ago-what an amazing kid! He was in the Detroit Free Press on Friday because he is starring in a musical in New York, alongside Diana Ross and many other big names.  He also will be playing Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder-had to share because I had the pleasure of working with this young man and I think we will all see him again because a total star already.  They also mentioned in the newspaper he was a student at Stout, pretty cool!!

Check out his video ==>

1 96 97 98 99