Spelling Bee List to Start Practicing!

Preparing for the SPELLING BEE! Our school was entered in the district wide spelling bee where you will compete against each other at Stout in the language arts classes. The winner will then compete against winners from other middle schools in Dearborn. The winner of that competition will go on to compete against winners from other districts at the Scripps Spelling Bee in Detroit. Winners at each phase will receive prizes. As we wait for more details and exact dates from the district, I want students to start studying the SCRIPPS spelling bee list in the link below. Although this is not a list given to us by anyone, I think this is a good vocabulary list to start using to practice. Make flashcards of the words and practice with a family member or friend. It helps to know the definition of the word during a spelling bee… and everyday.  Have fun with this! Good luck to you all!