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  1. How do I apply for my grade 8 stout daughter.

  2. Can you please provide the contact email for Mrs. Sleiman, She teaches 6th garde Math . Thank you

  3. Can you please provide the contact email for Mrs. johnson, She teaches 7th garde Math . Thank you

  4. Jennifer Deckert

    Mr. Rashid Baydoun does not have any email listing here or on Dearborn Public schools main contact list.

  5. Susan Peterson

    The email for Mrs. Wooley is incorrect. Can you please send me the correct email.

  6. Mrs Cardoza’s email?

  7. can u add mrs creckeolos iblog its not here

  8. Mohamad abdulroda

    Can you add Mrs. Sliger she teaches 6th grade thank you

  9. Can u plz add Ms.crechiolo email

  10. how do i get all the teachers emails

  11. I’m trying to get in touch with Mr. Oke via email about a letter I received in the mail but I don’t see his listed here. Is there someplace else I should be looking?

  12. can u pleasegive me Mrs.Crechiolo’s email ASAP?!!

  13. Where is the last report card of the year is it supposed to be mailed to us.

  14. Kafah Abuhasan

    When do we get the school supply list, and class info?

  15. Maureen Pawelek

    Where is the actual staff email list that used to used to appear under “Contacts?” It used to have both the email and blog addresses.

  16. Maureen Pawelek

    Never mind! Found it!

  17. can i get a stout shirt tommorow if i pay the price

  18. Please can u put mr haddad and tindal email Can 8 change my gym hour to Fulton

  19. Dear sir/madam
    I would like to know the requirement of admitting a stout child in your school?

  20. Boitumelo Mathibe

    how do we apply for a Stout grade 9 leaner daughter?
    And what are the requirements”

  21. Boitumelo Mathibe

    What is a Dearborn Residency?

  22. when are the report cards for the last card marking coming out when will they be mailed to us…

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