Stout School Culture Week Events & Reminder About Last Parent Principal Meeting

 *We will be celebrating different cultures from around the world this week. You will hear music from each of the different cultures throughout the week. You will learn about each culture in your advisory class each day. The Kitchen Staff have altered their menu this week so that students can taste a food item from that culture. Students and Staff may dress up to honor that culture if they wish to (even if you are not of that cultural background). The diversity of the world is beautiful, interesting, and fun to learn about. Learning about other cultures helps build respect for all of our differences. Stout’s Culture Week was planned out by your peers in the Student Advisory Committee.

Monday, June 6-  Celebrating Asian Culture Day

Tuesday, June 7- Celebrating Central American Culture Day (Hispanic Culture)

Wednesday, June 8- Celebrating European Culture Day

Thursday, June 9- Celebrating Middle Eastern Culture Day

Friday, June 10- Celebrating American Culture Day

The Last Parent Principal Meeting (Virtual Meeting) of the school year is tomorrow, Monday, June 6 at  9:30 am– 10:30am.

Here is the link to join. It will probably last no more than 30 minutes. Please join since I will be announcing Stout’s new plans for 6th and 7th grade electives for next school year and much more. Join Zoom MeetingID: 86560993897
Passcode: 975167