On the 4th day of Stout Student Council’s Holiday Spirit Week, Thursday, Dec. 20th, the Twin Day turned into a Triplet, thanks to these three very-well-coordinated teachers!

Friday, Dec. 21st – today – is the last day of this fun week.

Monday, Dec. 17th              Sport Shirt Day          Free

Tuesday, Dec. 18th             Pajama Day                 $1

Wednesday, Dec. 19th       Mismatch Day            $1

Thursday, Dec. 20th          Twin Day                      $1

Friday, Dec. 21st                  Hat Day                        $1

The 1st hour class in each grade that collects the most money for the week wins a pizza party in January upon return from winter break.

*** All donations go to Gleaners Food Bank

A big thank you goes for the Student Council, Mrs. Schulkey, Mrs. Woolley, and for your support.