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Students’ Corner

Another excellent quote from one of our students. Malak Beydoun wants us to enjoy the happy momments while they happen rather than fell sad that they have ended.

“Don’t be sad that it ended. Be happy that it happened!”

Good things – and bad things – do end, so enjoy the happy moments and wait for the bad ones to vanish!

Thanksgiving Myths!

The Mayflower brought the group of English settlers now known as the Pilgrims to North America. Leaving England in the fall of 1620, the Pilgrims were attempting to land near the mouth of the Hudson River, but instead ended up in Cape Cod Harbor. Plymouth, the colony established there by the Pilgrims in 1621, became the first permanent European settlement in New England. The story of the Pilgrims and their harvest feast has since become one of best-known in American history, but you may not know it as well as you think. Discover the facts behind these well-known Thanksgiving myths! Continue Reading


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