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Two Winners rather than One!

In the last week or so, the Students’ Corner had many really good quotes and it was difficult to choose just one. Here are some of these quotes:

  • “If you focus on the results, you will never change, but if you focus on the change you will get results!” by Mohamad Alyasiry.
  • “Don’t be sad that it ended. Be happy that it happened!” by Malak Baydoun.                      Hala Mallah                        Ali Alhadheri
  • “People are like music. Friends have meaning and others are just noise!” by Hala Mallah.
  • “It is easier to do a job than to explain why you didn’t!” by Haidar Almawla.
  • “Life has no remote; Get up and change it yourself!” by Ali Alhadheri.

It was difficult to choose just one winner. Instead, I decided to have two quotes rather than just one. So congratulations to Hala Mallah and Ali Alhadheri. Please let Mr. Sabra know your preference of Za’atar, Cheese, Spinach, or Meat pie.

Kids, keep sending these great quotes. We love them.

Students’ Corner

Yusra Shawish had this powerful quote, a quote that stresses the power of words and how hurtful or helpful they could be.

“I may forget what you said, but I will never forget how you made me feel!”

Sometimes we say things that we think are just words. However, words might cut deep and leave a scar that’s not visible to others, but very damaging to the person who carries it. They could also lift someone’s spirit high and encourage them to achieve their dreams. So why not use positive words?


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