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Edsel Ford coming to Stout: Wed. March 21

Edsel Ford representatives will be at Stout Middle School on Wednesday, March 21st at 8:00 am to talk about scheduling and opportunities at Edsel Ford. Their SPRING ORIENTATION for all incoming ninth graders and parents will be held at Edsel Ford High School on Wednesday, March 28th at 6pm. 

DHS coming to Stout: Monday, March 26

At 10:00 a.m., Monday, March 26nd, Dearborn High School representatives will come to Stout Middle School auditorium and give a presentation to 8th grade students who will be joining DHS next year. The week before, Course Selection Sheets with Pre-IDs will be distributed to 8th grade students on the same day, just before the presentation. Please have your course selection sheet in hand for the presentations along with a pencil. All completed course selection sheets must be collected by Mr. Tindall before Friday, April 13th, if not earlier.

Stout students show their support for Marjory Stoneman Douglas victims

Several students at Stout Middle School expressed that they wanted to show support for the victims of the tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas last month. On Wednesday, March 14th  morning, The school’s principal, Mr. Oke, met with a group of students and they agreed upon a show of support that would be appropriate for Stout and middle school in general.

And so, at 10:00, Wednesday’s morning, students invited their classmates to join them in the hall for a 17-second moment of silence. All of our students, teachers, and staff quietly gathered in the hall outside their classrooms and listened to a brief statement and the names of the victims. It was followed by a 17-second moment of silence. Students, then,  re-entered their classrooms.
Way to go kids! We are proud of you.

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