Thursday evening, the Governor ordered all schools in Michigan to close to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). At Stout, we will continue to provide educational activities to students during the closure. These activities will be shared through our school website, teacher websites, and emails from teachers. We ask that students regularly check their district email account and their teachers’ websites for educational activities. At Stout, we have several online resources that will support learning while students are at home. Students are familiar with these resources as they already use them regularly. These resources include:

  • IXL
  • iReady
  • Khan Academy

In addition to their websites, many teachers also use Google Classroom and iLearn. These platforms allow students to complete and submit assignments digitally. Most students are familiar with these platforms as well.

During the school closure, teachers will be regularly checking their email and posting content to their websites. We will be using the school website to share important information about educational activities for students, health and safety recommendations for parents, and available resources for the community. We ask that parents regularly check the school website for updates and highly recommend that parents subscribe to the school blog.

Please take care of your families and follow the recommendations that have been shared by our elected officials and health experts. These recommendations include practicing good hygiene habits and social distancing. While our staff may not physically be at school during the closure, we are still here to support our students and families. Stay safe and healthy. We are looking forward to seeing our students back on April 13th.