Craine’s Magazine Will Feature Stout Middle School’s New STEM Program

STEM staff and students had a neat photo shoot on Friday as they shared projects that they have worked on so far. Students explained the different STEM projects to Mrs. Maysam Allie-Bazzi (HR Director) as the Craine’s Magazine photographer snapped pictures highlighting their work on student created prosthetic hands, the tiny houses projects, the floor map design program, industry design process shoe project, catapult designs, and skyline architecture project. Attached are some awesome pictures taken during the photo op. Just a reminder that all Stout student must take one semester of STEM each year from 6th-8th grade as an enrichment class. 6th graders study architecture and design engineering. 7th graders focus on transportation and design engineering. 8th graders study bio-medical technology and industry. Students are learning higher order skills and are creating impressive work. Please take a moment and look at the pictures in the attachment to see what your child is doing this semester or will take next semester.