Stout “Spelling Bee” is HERE!!!!!

Stout Middle School is excited to participate in the Scripps Spelling Bee again this year. 

We are beginning Phase 1, which is when students prepare for their classroom spelling bee (in their language arts class). 

Attached below are the 6th -8th grade spelling lists that will be used in the classroom spelling bees in your child’s ELA classes during the second week in December. Students should start studying their grade’s list now. These lists were emailed to students and parents already.

Students are encouraged to practice with a friend, family member, or study on their own using flashcards. This can be a fun family activity!   Again, the ELA classes will start holding their spelling bees in the second week of December.

Good luck to our students as they prepare for the class spelling bees! 

 Looking forward, the winners of each classroom spelling bee will compete against each other in a school wide competition in February (using the same spelling lists). Then the winners of that contest will compete in a district wide spelling bee…and move on. How exciting!!! Let me know if you have any questions!

8th grade list–q-h8AVlo_Y2eGa-ohFiD/view?usp=sharing

7th grade list

6th grade list