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Do not lose your bus privilege

Students taking the bus need to follow the bus rules of behaviour. The rules are there to protect the kids’ safety and will be enforced appropriately. Students should:

  • mount and dismount the bus safely.
  • be in their proper seat all the time.
  • not extend their limbs and/or heads through the window.
  • not eat or drink on the bus.
  • keep the bus tidy and clean.
  • not damage bus or equipment.
  • not throw any objects inside or outside the bus.
  • obey the drivers’ instructions and directions all the time.
  • be courteous and speak to the driver and to each other using polite tone and proper volume.
  • not use bad or foul language.
  • not fight, push, or shove.

Failure to do so will result in consequences that include:

  • detentions
  • suspensions
  • community work
  • kicking the violators off the bus for the remainder of the month.

Please remember that a bus is a privilege. It stops being a right one the rules of conduct and behaviour are broken.


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