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The Lion King’s ‘Circle of Life’ Scene in Real Life

A wildlife photographer has captured a scene straight out of The Lion King on a recent trip to Africa.

Dafna Ben Nun snapped the photo of a mother baboon lifting her baby to the sky, recreating The Lion King’s iconic “Circle of Life” scene where baby Simba is lifted high above the African planes by Rafiki.

Dafna, 38, captured the photo on a recent trip to Zimbabwe. She shared the photo on her Facebook page along with many others from her trip.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw an adult baboon holding a baby, looking exactly like Simba in the Lion King,” she said.

Halloween Costume Rules

Students may dress APPROPRIATELY for Halloween. Any costumes must be consistent with the dress code policy and MAY NOT interfere with the learning process or the teaching in the classroom.

The following rules must be followed:

  • No Plastic or prop weapons of any kind
  • No Masks
  • No Make-up
  • No Hats or Wigs
  • No Costumes that are revealing
  • Skirts and shorts must meet the fingertip length rule
  • Nothing offensive
  • Nothing distracting
  • No fake (or real) blood

Any violators will be asked to change or be sent home.

We don’t really celebrate Halloween at middle school. We just allow students to show a little Halloween spirit if they so choose, but that’s it.

Stout Girls Volleyball Team is City Champ!!!

On Friday, Oct. 26th,  Stout girls volleyball team won all its games at the city tournament. The girls played Salina, Smith, and Woodworth and emerged victorious in all of their 3 games. Our girls played hard and gave it their all and are now CITY CHAMPS!  
Congratulations to our girls. You made us proud! Go Falcons!!!

Students’ Corner

Although Rasha Agagg is not one of our students, she sent us this quote. Being positive, I couldn’t ignore it. However, she won’t be able to win any of our delicious pies.

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life!”


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