Clubs and Activities for Stout Students

Our Stout students should enjoy middle school while becoming “fully prepared” for high school. Please discuss all the opportunities that we offer at Stout with your child and strongly encourage them join the activities that interests them. They will gain confidence, learn new skills, meet new friends with common interests, interact in positive discussions with students and staff as they work as a team, and gain school spirit. Our main objective is that we prepare our Stout students in learning how to master the academic learning in their school work and successfully participate in extra-curricular activities and initiatives at the same time, which is a necessary skill to master when competing for future scholarships and earning places in the top colleges and universities when applying for them in their senior year of high school. –Principal Abdelbaki

  • Sign up for the (Where Everyone Belongs) WEB Leadership Elective- see Mr. Haddad to add to schedule
  • Sign up to be a member of the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)- see Ms. Latife in the main office
  • Sign up for the AVID elective to learn about college and career readiness–see Mr. Haddad to add to your schedule
  • Join Band– see Mr. Haddad to add to your schedule
  • Join Chorus– see Mr. Haddad to add to your schedule
  • Math Counts– see Mrs. Klemetson
  • Academic Games– see Mrs. Sleiman
  • Science Club (stem activities using the scientific method, organizing the science fair, and focusing on horticulture in the spring)- see Ms. Willet
  • Robotics– see Mr. Cifaldi
  • Chess Club– see Mr. Liggett
  • Join the Drumming Club after school club –see Mr. Wolffe
  • Join side cheer to support our basketball teams during the games–see Mrs. Abdelbaki
  • Join competitive cheer to compete in tumbling-flipping routines across the State–see Mrs. Wheble
  • Join the Stout’s Got Talent show (but must join this week since auditions were two weeks ago)- see Mrs. Abdelbaki –the event will be in December
  • Help Mrs. Abdelbaki lead the “Battle Against Hunger” initiative with Edsel Ford High School
  • Help Mrs. Faraj lead the “Battle Against Bullying” initiative 
  • Schoolwide Science Fair in the spring–see Ms. Willet
  • Join the Poetry Slam Event (aka spoken word poetry) event will be held in the spring- see Mrs. Abdelbaki
  • Sign up to learn “How to Create your Own Mobile App” from an engineer and the creator of the app called “Taste Swap” for the three day after school training course in February
  • Preparing for the Scripp’s Spelling Bee (starting with competitions in the language arts classes)-see your language arts teacher
  • Learning about the Culinary Arts from Chef Danny Saghir –see Mrs. Abdelbaki if you are interested
  • Register for the virtual “Learning to Code” opportunity offered by Michigan State University–register NOW on the link below—Learn more and register interest at:  For any questions and concerns, please contact