Construction work on Oakwood has been affecting entry into and exit from the north park lot (on the Rotunda-side of the school) for the past week. Today, the circle drive in front of Stout is not accessible. Vehicles can enter the north parking lot through the middle driveway and exit through the driveway closest to Rotunda. Until the circle drive re-opens, we ask that parents park in the lot when dropping off or picking up.

For students who walk to school, the cross-walk at Oakwood and Hollywood may soon be closed. When this happens, students will need to walk south on Oakwood and cross at the pedestrian crossing in front of the hospital. This is the only other location where students will be able to safely cross Oakwood. When the cross-walk in front of the building closes, the crossing guard will also be relocated to pedestrian crossing in front of the hospital.

Construction at Hollywood and Oakwood in front of Stout Middle School.