The effects of summer learning loss can result in nearly a three-month loss in grade-level equivalency in math and a two-month loss in grade-level equivalency in reading.  In order to close the summer learning loss gap in reading and math, all middle school students in Dearborn are expected to complete Summer Learning before they return in the fall.  Teachers will grade the completed summer work when school opens in August.  Students are expected to complete 60 minutes on Khan Academy in math and to complete the summer reading assigned by their language arts teacher. Letters explaining the assignments are attached to this post.  Thank you so much for supporting your child’s development through summer learning.

Stout Summer Learning 2018 – Math

Stout Summer Reading 2018 – 6th Grade

Stout Summer Reading 2018 – 7th Grade

Stout Summer Reading 2018 – 8th Grade


Please be aware that students will receive new passphrases on their schedule. They may not be able to log in until they have their new passphrase.